• Used to communicate if we can't contact you through Discord.
  • COTP Account Details

    This will be used to set up your COTP account to run the script. WATCH VIDEO ABOVE ON HOW TO SETUP YOUR ACCOUNT FOR SECURITY
  • CLICK HERE To create a COTP account
  • Example: United States
  • Example: Australia is 64
  • Example: 434 793-5674
  • Enter your COTP account password
  • Payment details - 1-Time fee of $40.00

    This service will provide everything for you below: 1. Full installation 2. Script monitoring (in case of outages) 3. Script updates (this may include new features) 4. COPT account setup 5. Support in our Discord channel or by email and live chat. This package is really a "Set and forget it" option. The only work you will need to do is log in and withdraw your profits!
  • Payment using USDT/USDC or any cryptocurrency

    ETH/BSC 0x13E22abe9Ef05C4503034810d10C6E5006f40bFE

    TRX address: TTp6GWiiKeGV4qKbLuomMK14AzXc6rz2L2

    Payment can also be made using PayPal to this email
  • Upload a screenshot of your $40.00 payment.
    Disclaimer: You as a customer are held accountable and own the responsibility of your COTP account after installation is complete. We are not responsible for any losses to your account after the installation and service are complete*

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