If you know my work then you know I only create the highest quality products and take pride in everything I create, this will also be the case with your custom Avatar.

Base price for a custom Avatar is $100.00 U.S. This can be paid with IMVU credits or Paypal or Bitcoin. This will include all poses you choose being modified to fit the exact specifications of your Avatar. This also includes all options you select in the form below.

If you want custom poses created from scratch here are the prices: (This will be in addition to the base cost of $100.00) All files will be kept in a library so if you choose to mix and match I will update your Avatar in the future with no charge.
Custom pose – $20.00
Custom Default standing – $20.00
Custom Default standing with breathing – $40.00
Custom Default sitting – $30.00
Custom Default sitting with breathing – $50.00
If you order custom default standing/sitting you are not limited to 10 total defaults.

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