Who am I


I am a kiwi (from New Zealand) now living in Los Angeles since 2012. I am a father of one amazing 8 yr boy Jayden. I love fitness and we both workout at home most days. We love to travel and try to go back to New Zealand once per year to visit all the family I have a deep passion for creating anything original and have been doing so since I started developing avatars for IMVU in 2007.

Video Tutorial path

I started making video tutorials in 2009 for my products and to help users learn the skills I was learning. This was my first video tutorial, and as you can see it was very primitive. As I developed more products I needed more demo videos like in this video I made in 2010. It was for a program we developed for the virtual world platform. I decided I wanted to create my own motion capture then add my motion to the 3d avatar, I made this promo video for it back in 2011, as you can see it gets a little more creative with effects, like music synced to animated graphics. In 2016 I got into blockchain and was shocked at the endless and rapidly evolving learning curve. I started making a few tutorials but then the ICO craze sidetracked me for a while and researching what to invest in took all my time. I started seriously making Tutorials again in 2018 but really starting finding my groove at the end of 2018 and getting a true passion for it now. I still have a lot to learn but i believe i have the fundamentals down to a fine art. I love to create anything original and all my work is created from scratch. Authenticity and originality is very important to me. I am hungry to learn more and level myself up everyday. I will be the top “Tutorial Engineer” on planet earth. (I CREATED THAT NAME btw) Hope you like it.